The Reality of Global Crises - Why Good Beginnings Are Ending Badly and Leaving World-Leaders Increasingly Powerless

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Auteur: Dr Peter B Scott-Morgan, uitgever: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback | Engels | 504 pagina's | 9781470115425

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What is going on?Consider the last few years: The global financial system was brought to its knees; the creditworthiness of the world’s remaining superpower was downgraded; crises within the Eurozone escalated to threaten the entire world economy; many Arab countries became increasingly unstable, and for a few days arsonists and looters took control of British city streets; concealed abuses by Roman Catholic priests shook faith in some parts of the Establishment; concealed abuses by tabloid journalists, politicians and the police shook faith in much of the rest; meanwhile, governments around the globe appeared powerless to prevent collapsing fish-stocks, depleting water reserves, uncontrolled species-extinctions, escalating oil prices and growing threats of climate change. Such proliferating crises appear worryingly random and uncontrollable. Yet they are not. In reality, all of these global crises are indirectly linked. In this groundbreaking book, the foremost authority on the hidden inner-workings of society reveals how today’s onslaught of apparently separate international backlashes is in fact an unintended consequence of living in an increasingly complex and interconnected world – ultimately they are side-effects of the accelerating growth of hugely-beneficial trends relating to High-Tech. As a result, the crises are set to escalate. And, stuck with existing global governance, world-leaders will struggle to make much difference. Working through all the major examples of growing crises, Dr. Scott-Morgan builds up progressive insights into how our global economy really works, which of the emerging crises are most dangerous, and how the main types can best be handled. Finally, in a world-shattering conclusion he demonstrates why existing government bodies alone are incapable of preventing a progressive slide toward global chaos, and how it will more likely fall to a combination of business-leaders and members of the general public to save the day as global governance realigns from Territory to Industry with the rise of Global Guilds and Boundaryless People-Power.NOTE: This is the companion volume to 'The Reality of our Global Future' by the same author.

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