Forms With a Smile - Engelse Uitgave

Artikelnummer: 9001B3660
Aantal: 1

Auteur: Moniek M Bucquoye, uitgever: Stichting Kunstboek BVBA
Hardcover, druk 2008 | Engels | 155 pagina's | 9789058562357 | 23 x 23 cm

Tweedehands: Als nieuw
Als nieuw. Stevig verpakt binnen 1-2 werkdagen in huis, bezorgd door PostNL.

Today surrealism may be firstly known as a school in literature and fine arts, but the influence of this 20th-century school on other domains cannot be underestimated. The world of contemporary design doesn't escape a healthy portion of surreal humour. Forms with a Smile bundles designs and objects of modern surrealists and shows that nothing is what it seems to be: hairy carpets, lamps in the shape of a milk bottle, USB sticks cut from wood branches or chairs made from plush toys. Is it just humour? Or is it a stimulating statement wrapped in a contagious smile? Just like surrealism, design sometimes tells more than we think. Armed with subtle irony these new surrealists wage war against a world reigned by a certain serieux.

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