Qualified information exchange - 21st century business reporting

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Auteur: Remco van Wijk, uitgever: Big Bites Publishers
Paperback, druk 2016 | Engels | 160 pagina's | 9789082585100 | Afmeting: 22 x 14 x 1,7 cm

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Reporting and accounting information is crucial in our societies and economies. Public and private organisations are busy collecting such data all the time.
If you have business or technical responsibility for this, and feel that in your reporting chain:
* there is always information missing, late, or sub-quality,
* concepts and definitions are not clear enough,
* you are never sure whether you have complied with all regulations,
* ICT is more about concessions and constraints than solutions,
* there are more staff and costs involved than seems reasonable,
then this book is for you.
Based on good practices and a range of experience, this book outlines the essentials of the design, implementation, standardization, and operation of reporting chains. Its proposition is that plug-and-play instruments can take our chains to the next level of business reporting as a service-thus achieving substantial societal aims as well as economical advantages for both those inquiring about and those reporting accounting information.
About the authors
At the start of the millennium, Niels de Winne was the first to 'reverse the reporting chain,' shifting the central emphasis from those who inquire to those who report. His contribution to standardization has proven essential to the development of eGovernment.
Sebastiaan Bal, a chartered accountant who audited listed companies, has realised his vision of change as one of the architects of digital annual reporting and assurance in the Netherlands.
Well-versed in both the arcane theory and the mundane practice of formal reporting, Remco van Wijk is one of the most ardent and inspiring champions of qualified information exchange around.
All three authors have facilitated the successful implementation of standard business reporting in the Netherlands. Their expertise was recorded in the textbook, 'Challenging the Chain' in 2015.

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