Introvert Advantage the - How Quiet People Can Thrive in an Extrovert World

Artikelnummer: 9102B3098
Aantal: 1

Auteur: Martin Olsen Lany, uitgever: Workman Publishing
Paperback, druk 2002 | Engels | 256 pagina's | 9780761123699 | 22,2 x 14,6 x 1,9 cm

Tweedehands: Goed
In mooie, nette staat. Stevig verpakt en bezorgd door PostNL.

One out of every four people feels overwhelmed at the thought of a business meeting, dreads walking into a party, hates having to make small talk with strangers, feels alone in a crowd - and always prefers to sit on the sidelines and observe. They're introverts, and now comes the book to buttress their resolve and help them find understanding and success living in an extrovert world. After dispelling common myths about introverts - they're not antisocial, they're not necessarily shy or aloof - BEING AN INTROVERT IN AN EXTROVERT WORLD explains the real issues. Introverts are hardwired from birth to focus inward, so outside stimulation can easily become too much - chitchat, phone calls, parties, office meetings can all be overwhelming, sending introverts fleeing for a quiet corner.

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