Historiography in the Twentieth Century - From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge

Artikelnummer: 9105B3111
Aantal: 1

Auteur: Georg G. Iggers, uitgever: University Press Of New England
Paperback, druk 2005 | Engels | 208 pagina's | 9780819567666 | 21,8 x 14,1 x 1,7 cm

Tweedehands: Goed
Oogt mooi als nieuw, maar op 29 (van de 208) pagina's zijn wat zinnen onderstreept. Stevig verpakt en bezorgd door PostNL.

In this book, now published in 10 languages, a preeminent intellectual historian examines the profound changes in ideas about the nature of history and historiography. Georg G. Iggers traces the basic assumptions upon which historical research and writing have been based, and describes how the newly emerging social sciences transformed historiography following World War II. The discipline's greatest challenge may have come in the last two decades, when postmodern ideas forced a reevaluation of the relationship of historians to their subject and questioned the very possibility of objective history. Iggers sees the contemporary discipline as a hybrid, moving away from a classical, macrohistorical approach toward microhistory, cultural history, and the history of everyday life. The new epilogue, by the author, examines the movement away from postmodernism towards new social science approaches that give greater attention to cultural factors and to the problems of globalization.

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