Europe: coast wise - an anthology of reflections on architecture and tourism

Artikelnummer: 9108P0346
Aantal: 1

Auteur: Uitgeverij 010, uitgever: Uitgeverij 010
Hardcover, druk 1997 | Engels | 9789064502507

Tweedehands: Als nieuw
In nieuwstaat. Dagelijkse verzending, stevig verpakt en bezorgd door PostNL.

Europe:Coast Wise, ranging from the Bosphorus to the Barents Sea, is a unique compilation created by more than twenty schools of architecture representing nearly all of Europe's coastal countries. In twenty-one chapters, each featuring a single country, every participating school charted a coastal strip approcimately 1OO kilometres long. These areas line three major bodies of water vital to the history of Europe: the Baltic, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. This lavishly illustrated book propagates a critical geography of tourism and responds to the many forms taken by this growing international pastime. A hike through the Finnish Archipelag provides a story virtually free of tourism. The Prora complex on the German island of Rügen evokes the origins of organised seaside culture. Spain's Costa Brava reveals the consequences of modern mass tourism. Europe: Coast Wise discusses architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture. Although it deals with the present, whille keeping

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