River Cottage Handbook Collection

Artikelnummer: 9118P3039
Aantal: 1

Auteur: The River Cottage, uitgever: Bertrams
| Engels | 9781408834701

Tweedehands: Nieuw

Contains 10 softcovers in a cassette
River Cottage Handbook Collection 10 Books Set:

In the first of an exciting new River Cottage Handbook series, mycologist John Wright explains the ins and outs of collecting, including relevant UK laws.

Preserving is a centuries-old way to make the most out of every season, stretching the more bountiful months into the sparser ones.

First, Daniel examines the key ingredients in baking (flour, yeast, salt and water), explains the science behind the seemingly alchemic processes.

Veg Patch:
Drawing directly from his experience as an acclaimed climate-change gardener, and of setting up a kitchen garden from scratch for River Cottage

Edible Seashore:
For the forager, the seashore holds surprising culinary potential. In this authoritative, witty book John Wright takes us on a trip to the seaside.

Sea Fishing:
From renowned fishing expert Nick Fisher comes this concise and beautifully illustrated guide to fishing along British coastline.

Hedgerows, moors, meadows and woods - these hold a veritable feast for the forager. In this hugely informative and witty handbook

Baking is the most comforting and entirely satisfying of the culinary arts.

Growing fruit at home is a delicious and altogether more enjoyable alternative to buying it in the shops.

Herbs are the most liberating and confidence-boosting of ingredients: grow some and you feel like a proper gardener, bring some into the kitchen and you feel like a proper cook.

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