Who If Not We Should at Least Try to Imagine the Future of All This - 7 episodes on (ex) changing Europe

Artikelnummer: 9120P1881
Aantal: 1

Auteur: Jill Winder, uitgever: Artimo
Paperback, druk 2004 | Engels | 296 pagina's | 9789085460114

Tweedehands: Als nieuw
Als nieuw, kan soms wat heel lichte, nauwelijks waarneembare, gebruikssporen hebben. Stevig verpakt verzonden via PostNL.

Who If Not We...?
...Should at Least Try to Imagine the Future of All This? 7 Episodes on (ex) Changing Europe
Edited by Maria Hlavajova and Jill Winder. Essays by Catherine David, Ole Bouman, Etienne Balibar, Robert Fleck, Boris Groys and Igor Zabel.

Who if not we . . . ? consists of seven exhibitions (episodes) and a number of additional projects throughout Europe organized by Thinking Forward--a cultural program formed on the occasion of the Dutch presidency of the European Union. The main motivation of this visual art program is to discuss how art can participate in current social and political change. In the words of Maria Hlavajova: "The question ÎWho if not we . . . ?' points to our primary motivation: to interpret this political assignment as an opportunity to modestly appeal to Îwe'--European artists, thinkers, and others--to take an active part in creating a new reality through artistic and knowledge production. If not we, then others will, and we run the risk that such a future would not necessarily be shaped around our own hopes and dreams." This publication presents comprehensive insight into all parts of the program, and includes new texts by Ole Bouman, Boris Groys, Igor Zabel, and others.

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