The Experience Economy - El - A New Perspective

Artikelnummer: 9122B1993
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Auteur: Albert Boswijk, uitgever: Pearson Benelux B.V.
Paperback, inclusief dvd, druk juli 2009 | Engels | 223 pagina's | 9789043012683 | Afmeting: 1 x 1 x 1 cm

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Albert Boswijk, Thomas Thijssen and Ed PeelenThis book investigates the development of innovative, sustainable and meaningful ‘experience concepts’, both in theory and in practice. It explores how to create meaningful experiences, and examines what is meant by innovation in this context. The experience economy is a market based on personal experience. It is an individuals’ subconscious journey of discovery towards a meaningful life and the products and experiences they purchase in pursuit of it. Step by step, the authors outline the basic principles behind ‘meaningful experiences’, explore the design principles that can be applied to them and discuss how to put them into practice. The first part of the book investigates the theory, the historical context and the importance of the experience economy. The second part puts everything into practice. In between the two parts, eleven interesting business cases are presented. The accompanying DVD is filled with examples, videos and documents to further illustrate how the theory can be applied and how the experience economy occurs in the real world. This book will appeal to business & economics students at higher education level, as well as professionals with an interest in the discipline. Albert Boswijk & Thomas Thijssen both have Director roles at the European Centre for the Experience Economy. Ed Peelen is a Professor of Marketing at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

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