Managing Creative People - Lessons in Leadership for the Ideas Economy

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Auteur: Gordon Torr, uitgever: John Wiley & Sons Inc
| Engels | 318 pagina's | 9780470726457

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Not without occasional justification creative people are often regarded by their managers as a species of alien whose motivations are impossible to fathom. And the non conformity of the creative temperament is famously difficult to accommodate in structured organizations.

The response of management theorists, unable to predict or measure the productivity of creative workers, has been to co opt the pliable ones into management roles and to deny among the rest of them the existence of any form of creative skill that cannot be taught to the uncreative majority.

Which is why, as Gordon Torr argues in this ground breaking book, two guys in a garage will continue to outperform major corporations in the desperate race for originality.

And the consequences go far beyond the woeful inability of big creative sector companies to bring a steady stream of fresh ideas and innovations to the marketplace. At stake is the vitality of popular culture itself.

Passionate, polemical, yet eminently practical, Managing Creative People is the essential guide to understanding how, when and where to get the best out of that most precious of resources the imagination of the talented individual.

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