Cognitive rehabilitation - a clinical neuropsychological approach

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Auteur: W. Brouwer, uitgever: Boom
Paperback, 3e druk 2010 | Nederlands | 296 pagina's | 9789053526187 | Afmeting: 24 x 17 x 2 cm

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Acute medical care for the severely brain injured has improved greatly in the last two decades. Many survivors of brain injury can now regain a degree of independence and re-establish a social life. Cognitive rehabilitation can facilitate the long and demanding process of recovery, training patients to reduce their limitations and helping them and their families to accept the limitations that remain, and to redefine a meaningful life. Beginning with a historical overview, this book provides a comprehensive, up to date overview of theory and research into the practice of cognitive rehabilitation, or as some might call it, neuropsychological rehabilitation. Recently developed psychological interventions aimed at increasing independent functioning and personal and social reintegration in adults with cognitive and emotional problems following severe brain injury or brain disease are reviewed and their effectiveness is evaluated. Symptoms and syndromes covered are amnesia, aphasia, apraxia, hemianopia, hemi-neglect and dysexecutive disorders following stroke or severe traumatic brain injury. A chapter on cognitive rehabilitation in chronic schizophrenia is also included. The importance of determining whether and why treatment is effective is a central theme in all chapters. Research designs and methodological pitfalls with regard to evaluating interventions are thoroughly discussed.

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