New Chinese Cinemas - Forms, Identities, Politics

Artikelnummer: 9132B5119
Aantal: 1

Auteur: Paul G. Pickowicz, uitgever: Cambridge University Press
Paperback, druk 1999 | Engels | 276 pagina's | 9780521448772

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New Chinese Cinemas analyses the changing forms and significance of filmmaking in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong since the end of the Cultural Revolution, with a particular emphasis on how film comments on the profound social changes that have occurred in East Asia over the past two decades. Considering in detail both conservative and progressive stances on economic 'modernisation', it also demonstrates how film has been an important formal structure and social document in the interpretation of these changes. The essays collected here, which were specially commissioned for this volume, also offer extended analyses of the important trends, styles and work that define Chinese filmmaking in the 1980s.

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